Outdoor Service Information

Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church,

The summer outdoor services will take place on the front sanctuary lawn (north side of sanctuary). This service will be in addition to our continuing weekly video service. The video service will also be our back-up worship plan for outdoor services in case of rain or bad weather on Sunday mornings.

We are certain that our first instincts and emotions will encourage us to go back to the way we interacted with our church family before the pandemic. For the short term, it is important that we avoid this urge. To be safe and to make sure everyone coming to worship is comfortable, hugs, handshakes and close contact should be avoided. Even if you are comfortable with being hugged and having church members approach you, other members of our congregation may not be comfortable with these same actions right now. We are asking that each participant respect everyone’s personal space and remain properly distanced from anyone outside your family group. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe and comfortable before, during and after the service.    

Our congregation’s health and the safety of the church staff is vital and our top priority, so we will be following CDC guidelines. We will create large “family circles” on our lawn using landscaping paint to mark these separate and well-defined seating areas. When you arrive at the church, please proceed to the lawn and find an empty circle for you or your family. If you are alone, you may share a circle with others, but please say at least six feet apart. Bring your lawn chairs. If you do not have a lawn chair or you can’t carry a chair, we’ll have chairs available and an usher will be happy to help you find a place to sit. We strongly encourage you to wear a mask, especially when moving from the parking lot to the church lawn and while singing.  

What should I bring to the service?

  • Lawn chairs for every member of your family (we have extra chairs, if needed).  You could also bring a blanket.
  • A Bible
  • An umbrella to block the sun or rain shower
  • Hat and sunscreen (if needed)
  • A mask 
  • Water
  • Patience. This is new for everyone and it may take a little practice and getting used to.


  • Do: Bring lawn chairs (we have some chairs if you can’t bring your own) 
  • Do: Keep a distance from your neighbor
  • Do: Move directly from and to the parking lot
  • Do: Bring a mask
  • Do: Use hand sanitizer 
  • Do: Keep your family group together and do not mix with other families 
  • Do: Dress comfortably for the weather.
  • Do: Bring bottled water


  • Don’t:  Allow children to play on the playground. We cannot assure it is properly sanitized.
  • Don’t:  Allow your children to leave your “family circle” and move to other groups
  • Don’t: Hug, touch or closely approach others outside your family group
  • Don’t: Assume other church members are comfortable with pre-pandemic interactions
  • Don’t Attend if you are not feeling well.

PLEASE NOTE:  The church building will remain closed on Sunday. We ask everyone to avoid entering the church building. Restrooms will be available for emergencies only.